There’s a recurring theme in a large number of detective shows and sci-fi movies, like the X-Files, where they find some hermit living out in the middle of nowhere in an Airstream trailer with a radar dish on the top. That’s basically my life goals.

So, naturally, my first instinct was to buy an old Airstream, but my rational side made me also explore other options.

These were the requirements for the purchase:

  • Immediately livable. No work required to move in.
  • Small enough to pull with a pickup.
  • Decent sized bathroom.
  • Financing available.

After spending days looking on Craigslist for RVs and motorhomes, I finally found the perfect one. It was for a pre-owned 2014 Airstream 22′ Sport model from an RV dealership. It had my ideal floorplan and a recently reduced price, and I knew that it would be in top condition with financing available. I was basically already sold.

The drive out to Manteca was picturesque, and the only thing missing was butterflies fluttering next to my head. Today was Valentine’s Day, and I felt like I was going on a first date. I arrived early and waited in a parking lot across the street, so as not to look too eager.

The RV dealership was huge, with many $100k-$200k models lined up. I walked in, introduced myself, and told them I have an appointment to look at an Airstream. They tracked down the salesman to help me, saying, “He’s here to see The Airstream,” as if there’s only one.

We walked through a huge lot filled with super expensive RVs, back… and back… and around the corner. Once we get to the very back corner of the lot, snuggled in next to two larger RVs is the little Airstream. It is the only one on the lot.

Stepping inside, he mentions that an old married couple only used it once or twice and then traded it in for something else, so it has barely been used. Above the bed is written “Every Once In Awhile, Right In the Middle of An Ordinary Life, Love Gives Us a Fairytale.”

We step back outside and I say, “Ok, I’ll take it.”

As we get the paperwork going, I realize how much it looks like a wrapped Chipotle burrito, and so the name was born – Silver Burrito.